Line management

We have an excellent track record in providing critical back fill management support, particularly in times of short notice when business continuity needs to be maintained (resignations, recruiting new staff, long term illness, career breaks etc). We understand the deadlines involved in banking operations and can provide you with that essential quality 'time bridge' to enable you to find suitable replacement(s) and / or implement new solutions.

Project management

Our project management team has honed their skills on a wide variety of banking projects. Our project methodology centres on a 'user friendly' concept where we work closely with our clients from analysis to completion in order to assure them of quality and satisfaction.

Process mapping

We incorporate software tools to break down / build up process structures and provide our clients with logical drill down maps with textual commentary as an integral part of the process mapping.

Staff training

Our training people have expert knowledge of markets and products. We can help by providing training sessions to explain the intricacies of the various products and their settlement trails, in plain language, which enables everyone to understand.


New supervisors and managers can often find it difficult to make the transition to 'management' from their previous jobs. We will work with them to explain best practice, and ease their path through the minefield of 'in house politics', by teaching them to observe the business protocols which are necessary, to avoid making a 'faux pas', without intention or realisation.

Process re-engineering

Our distinct competitive advantage in this field derives from our unique combination of ICT skills, and our expert knowledge of the mapping software package we use, (mentioned above). Our speciality lies in Financial Markets and Banking Operations because of our in-depth knowledge, however, we can also re-engineer in other fields, if requested.

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